What’s next for Adguard? | Adguard for Minecraft and IPHippo


Adguard, a browser add-on that lets you add an adblocker to your website, is on the brink of becoming a serious competitor to other add-ons, like IPHppo, which are designed to block ads in websites that have been compromised.

The news is bad news for Adblock Plus users who rely on Adguard to get around Adblocker’s anti-spam features.

Adguard’s anti “unblock” features are only available to users running a specific version of Adguard.

AdblockPlus is the second-most popular add-in for AdGuard users, behind Adblock, and the only one with a fully-featured block feature.

“Adguard’s block features are the best in the industry and are now being targeted by Adblock,” Adblock spokesperson Matt Loesch told TechCrunch.

“With Adguard becoming a viable competitor to Adblock and IPHD, we are very excited to work with Adguard on a more secure solution that will offer users the best possible experience for blocking unwanted ads on the internet.”

In a blog post today, Adblock CEO Amit Singhal wrote that Adguard “will continue to evolve and become the most popular add on on the market for blocking ad blockers” and “will be one of the few browsers that we trust with all of our data.”

But Adguard is only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France.

For now, the company is working on a new add-ins, which will be released in the coming weeks.

Loesches comments echo Adguard CEO Dan Soderlund’s comments earlier this year that Adblock would “definitely be in a better position than Adguard now.”

The company will continue to “develop an add-a-button that will be available in every country in the world” and will include “more options to block unwanted ads,” Loeschnes said in the blog post.

“In the future, Adguard users will no longer need to rely on IPHD to get through their add-an-add-on ads.”

Adblock is currently the most downloaded add-On in the US, according to Google Analytics, with more than one million unique users on Adblock plus over 2 million add-ones.

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