How to hide an ipad from your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


With the iPhone 6’s new fingerprint sensor, the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is not as easy to hide from your home screen as it used to be.

When you unlock the iPhone with the new fingerprint sensors, you will see a message that tells you that the fingerprint sensor has been disabled and that you must change it before you can access the Home screen.

This message will appear when you open your home screens Settings app.

This is a new notification that is sent by Apple when the fingerprint sensors is disabled.

Once you turn off the fingerprint scanners and turn off HomeKit, you can still access the iPhone Home screen by clicking the Home button.

You can also use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your iPhone using the home button.

You will see the notification and you will have to press the Home Button to unlock the Home Screen.

If you wish to use the home buttons to unlock and access the home screen, you need to use Touch ID.

In the future, Apple plans to add HomeKit support to the iPhone and Mac, but it is not yet clear if HomeKit will be available for Android.