Why is Donald Trump getting a bad rap?


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says that the city’s police department is in crisis and is in a state of “fear.”

The mayor also said that his administration is working with the FBI to investigate alleged misconduct by police.

“We are dealing with an unprecedented level of mistrust in our communities, including a national epidemic of police brutality and misconduct,” de Blasio said in a statement Thursday night.

“The city is in an unprecedented state of fear.”

The president’s criticism of the NYPD has drawn harsh criticism from law enforcement leaders and police unions.

Police unions say the president’s remarks are “disgusting” and “inappropriate.”

Trump also took a shot at the police union leaders who have come out against him in recent days.

“Our union leadership has a very, very bad reputation,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post.

“They’re very, you know, you can call them any name you want, they’re not going to be good people.

They’re very tough.”

Trump told The Post that the NYPD officers involved in last week’s attack on police officers were “very professional” and that he “can see the professionalism that they have.

That’s all that matters.”

The NYPD responded to the shooting in a series of statements Thursday, saying that they are “in full cooperation” with the federal investigation.

De Blasio said the mayor and his police department are not working together and that the mayor has been talking to the FBI and that his department has received “no indication that any criminal charges have been brought against any of the officers involved.”

The mayor said he wants to work with the police to ensure that this kind of violence does not happen again, and that’s what he and the police are trying to do.””

And I think that’s a good start.””

I’ve had conversations with a lot of our officers, and I’ve had discussions with the attorney general.

And I think that’s a good start.”

De Blasio has said that he will be “open to working with federal authorities” on the investigation.

Trump told the Post he was “surprised” by the response from the police.

“This is something I didn’t expect,” he added.

“And I think it’s really sad.”