Softonic, the gaming platform, is set to launch in the UK, Ireland and Germany, says Softonic founder


Softonic is set for an October launch in Ireland and the UK and will expand to Germany, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Softonic co-founder, Ian McCaw, says the firm plans to roll out the first two countries in the first quarter of 2019.

“I think we are going to roll-out the UK in the second quarter of this year,” he told the BBC.

“The two countries are the UK being the biggest market for our products and the second largest market for gaming platforms and the next-gen consoles and tablets.”

The UK is a popular destination for gaming in Europe and Ireland is also one of the UK’s top gaming hubs.

The Irish gaming market is set by the Games Industry Association, which says it is home to more than 300,000 gaming jobs and a quarter of all jobs in the country.

McCaw says the UK is in a strong position to be a hub for the new platform, with a huge number of people who are passionate about gaming.

“There’s a huge amount of games coming to the UK.

There are more than 1,000 games coming through here every week and they are coming from all over the world,” he said.”

This is the first country we have ever announced that we are actually going to be making available in the United Kingdom.”

In the UK Softonic will have a virtual reality game called The Lab, which allows people to play as robots and take on the role of scientists.

McCoa said the firm is keen to launch its first Irish game in Ireland, a virtual-reality game called I Was There.

McComa said he hopes that in Ireland games can be seen as a part of the fabric of society and a part that people can talk about with friends and family.

“We are a company that wants to bring our games to the public, so the more we can reach the wider gaming community, the better,” he added.

Softonic has already announced that it will launch a virtual world game called My Life in VR, and it has a virtual tour game called Bionic.

Softonicon is set in a virtual town, which is designed to be similar to a real town.

It is set against a backdrop of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence inspired by the likes of Minecraft and Minecraft: New Horizons.

“A lot of the characters you will play in our game will be real people who have lived their lives,” said McCaw.

“They are living in a town that is very much based on the real world.”