Conservative groups will boycott the Conservative Political Action Conference over CPAC’s ‘rape culture’ ban


The conservative group National Review will boycott CPAC 2018 due to the CPAC policy of barring all “non-consensual sexual activity.”

The group said the CPac ban was based on a policy statement from the organization that stated that “sexual activity can and does include any and all forms of non-consent.”

“We have been a member of CPAC for over two decades, and we continue to believe the CPAN’s rape culture policy is out of step with American history,” said National Review President Rich Lowry.

“The CPAC rape ban has no place in our organization.

This is yet another example of the organization’s extreme views.”

The CPac rape ban is based on the organization statement that “any and all types of nonconsensual sex can and will include any form of non -consent,” and was meant to be “part of an inclusive dialogue between conservative women and men to advance conservative ideas and principles,” according to a news release from the group.

The ban on consensual sexual activity is meant to protect “the personal and private freedoms of women, men, and trans people, and to allow for respectful and respectful relationships,” according the release.

The organization’s position on the ban is that it is not meant to punish rape victims, as the policy does not specifically address the issue of rape.

“This policy is completely backwards,” said the release from National Review.

“It is also dangerous because it allows for a culture of rape culture that the CPAP has worked hard to dismantle.”