Comcast’s latest TV acquisition is a mistake, but the company still has a shot at making a killing


The next-gen television network Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable will be Comcast’s biggest buy since it launched a bid for NBCUniversal, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.

The company’s buy is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Comcast bought Time Warner in August, in a deal worth $45 billion.

The deal has been criticized by some critics as a one-sided merger, given Comcast’s dominance in the cable TV business.

Comcast is expected spend a lot of money to compete with Time Warner, but it has made some of its moves without the help of the $50 billion Time Warner merger or any other major TV acquisition in recent years.

The cable company’s acquisition of Time Warner is part of a broader strategy to increase its power over the Internet and other services.

Comcast already owns HBO and Warner Bros., which includes the Warner Bros. TV studio.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said Tuesday that he and the company’s board of directors will decide in the coming weeks whether to approve the deal.

The Comcast deal is part.

Comcast’s $45-billion acquisition of the Time Warner cable operator is one of the largest ever for a single company.

The other big Comcast acquisition of 2016 was a $25.6 billion deal with Charter Communications to buy Time Warner for $45.8 billion.

Comcast has been trying to make a play for television since 2011, when it acquired NBCUniversal in a $39.7 billion deal.

But it has had to wait for a bigger player to jump on the television bandwagon, especially since the consolidation of cable TV in recent decades has made the company less competitive.

Comcast also has a stake in the Time TV business, but Comcast’s majority stake in Charter Communications remains untapped.

The two companies have agreed on some TV programming deals that will include more programming from the Time-Warner family of companies.

The new NBCUniversal deal will likely include some of the same programming that Comcast has already acquired.

Comcast, Time Warner and Charter are the main players in the industry, with other big players including Dish Network, Charter, AT&T, Verizon and Charter Communications.

Comcast said Tuesday the deal includes more than 1,500 channels, including NBC’s current lineup of cable channels, and is “one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of the entertainment industry.”

Comcast also said it will invest $4 billion in additional programming and new technologies that will allow the company to expand its reach in new markets.

Comcast acquired NBC Universal for $39 billion in 2010, a deal that has been called the largest merger in American history.

But in 2013, the company was forced to pull the plug after its competitors filed antitrust lawsuits.