Why ESPN hid the IP controller of its popular VPN app, which is still available for iPhone and iPad owners


The ESPN app on iPhone and Android devices is still accessible through Apple’s official VPN app.

And despite a change to the VPN settings on iOS and Android, the app still displays the VPN controller in a way that makes it look like it is being accessed by someone else.

While the IP address of the VPN client is hidden in the main screen of the app, a few additional settings appear in the VPN app that allow it to connect to the ESPN app’s servers.

The app also displays an IP address for each server that the VPN server uses to operate.

ESPN’s VPN settings appear to be the same on both iOS and on Android.

It seems as if ESPN was trying to hide the VPN device’s IP address from the public eye.

This is likely the result of a bug in the iOS app, since the IP device itself appears as the only way to connect.

ESPN also removed the IP addresses of other apps that were available for iOS devices.

The network access from ESPN’s app to other apps can be accessed by accessing the VPN address.

In an email, ESPN said that the IP controllers are hidden in a hidden area in the app and that there is no way to verify the IP of the device itself.

The company also said that it is working on a fix that will hide the IP information.

The fix has not been available in the meantime.

We’ve reached out to ESPN for comment.

In the meantime, the ESPN VPN app remains available for use on iOS devices and Android phones, including the latest iPhone and the newest Android.

The only other VPN app available for Android devices, and the one that has been updated to work with the latest iOS versions, is HID, a service that allows users to remotely access a number of computers.

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