What you need to know about the federal government’s plan to block a new marijuana market


THE U.S. Justice Department is planning to block an attempt to launch a marijuana industry in Oregon, where recreational marijuana is legal.

The Justice Department said Monday it will seek a temporary restraining order blocking the initiative that would legalize marijuana use for adults and allow medical marijuana use.

The Justice and Treasury Departments said they will appeal a lower court ruling that found the initiative, Proposition 64, would be a threat to public safety and public health.

If the petition is successful, it would give the Oregon Liquor Control Commission the power to regulate the retail and wholesale distribution of marijuana in the state.

Supporters said the measure would be the first legal cannabis market in the U.N. member nation and create jobs.

The initiative would also allow for the recreational use of marijuana by adults over the age of 21, a proposal that some experts say could lead to a marijuana legalization boom in Oregon.

Proposition 64 is a ballot measure that voters approved in 2016, but its backers are now in the midst of a legal battle over whether to go forward.