The Best New Video Games You Need to Play Now


In the last few months, a few of the biggest titles in gaming have launched with limited and sometimes even questionable DRM protection, and the results have been mixed.

Some have had the most impressive DRM protection we’ve seen, but others have been more disappointing.

If you’re looking for the best new games you can play right now, here’s a rundown of the top 10 most important titles.1.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition (October 17)The first and only PS4 exclusive game to launch with full DRM protection on PlayStation Plus, Minecraft: PS4 Edition has been a smash hit for Sony, and its latest update to the game is shaping up to be even more of a smashing success.

This year’s PS4 release is a major one, and with it comes a new map and the ability to unlock more maps with each new update.

Minecraft is also one of the few games to have a free demo available for pre-purchasing.

You can find a full guide to the new game and the update here.2.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (November 4)The Witcher 3, a game with a lot of history, is coming to PlayStation 4.

This isn’t a surprise, as the Witcher 3 was released to PC back in 2016.

The game’s main story is set in a fictional world, but the Witcher has an extensive history of roleplaying games, which means the game has plenty of interesting new characters to choose from.

While the Witcher III is a game that’s been around for decades, it’s only recently that it’s been made available to console owners.

The best parts of this game are its crafting system and its rich RPG-style crafting system, which lets you create everything from jewelry to weapons and armor.

The developer says that the crafting system will be “further expanded” with the PS4 update, but we’re still excited to see more from the game.3.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (November 8)With the launch of Call of War 3, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have finally put together a decent new shooter on console, with the sequel to Call of the Wild also coming to PC later this year.

In Call of Combat 4, the player is a sniper, and there’s a lot going on in the game’s world that can make it feel like you’re playing in an FPS or RTS game.

For one thing, there’s the new class system, a new crafting system (the crafting system is in the PC version, but it’s also coming with the PlayStation 4 update), and even the ability for players to unlock new weapons, gear, and even new classes.

The story of Call Of The Wild, as well as the game itself, is the best part of the game, and if you want a good feel for what to expect from this new Call of The Wild and Call of Battle series, you can check out our full review here.4.

Watch Dogs 2 (November 15)The Watch Dogs sequel has been in the works for months, but a new update is finally rolling out to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.

This update is a huge one, taking the game to PS4 and Xbox One parity in the most important ways.

The first Watch Dogs has been known for its open-world elements, and it’s an important element to the overall experience of playing Watch Dogs.

For the most part, Watch Dogs is the game that sets the bar for the rest of the series.

The update is bringing the game back to its roots, but also giving the player a lot more to do in the open world.

The addition of new characters and new weapons and gear are some of the most exciting elements of the update.5.

Destiny: The Taken King (November 22)Destiny: The Dark Below is a massive expansion for Destiny, and while the game isn’t set to launch on PlayStation 4, it is going to launch later this month.

Destiny’s DLC has been the subject of criticism, but some of it’s good.

The expansion will add new characters, quests, locations, weapons, and more, as part of a larger Destiny story.

Bungie also released a new trailer that was pretty well-received.6.

Dishonored 2 (December 6)Dishonored is an excellent action-RPG, and Dishonoured 2 is no different.

The sequel takes place after the events of Dishonors first game, but with new characters like The Empress and more interesting and more complex combat and combat mechanics.

This sequel is also the first game in the series to have all the DLC, and this includes The Blacklist, a DLC pack that brings Dishonours first game to consoles.7.

Destiny 2 (2017)It was announced last year that the first Destiny game was going to be called Destiny, after the name of the first main game.

The original title, Destiny, was a title that was never really released on PlayStation platforms.

This game, Destiny

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