How to Disable the Apple Watch’s HomeKit app on Android, iOS, and Windows 8


You can also disable the HomeKit interface on Android and iOS, though you’ll have to navigate to the home screen and enable the interface.

For Windows 8 users, it’s a bit trickier to do.

To do so, open Settings, then tap on Home.

To enable HomeKit, swipe to the right of the Home button, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Enable HomeKit.

To disable HomeKit in Windows 8, you’ll need to swipe to both the left and right of Home, then swipe to one side of Home and tap On.

To disable Home on Windows 8 on Android: Tap on Settings, scroll down to Advanced, then click on Home, and scroll down again to the Home menu.

To toggle the Home screen, tap on More, then choose the option on the Home tab that says Disable.

To turn on HomeKit: Tap the Home icon, then navigate to More.

From the More menu, select the option that says Enable.

To find the Home interface, tap Home, tap to toggle on, and then tap Home again.

To see the Home app, tap the Home Icon, then open the Settings app.

Tap on General, then select Home.