Which Minecraft mods are the most popular?


By Steve Waugh BBC Sport’s Mark Purdy has analysed the top ten most popular Minecraft mods for 2015.

The top ten is based on the number of downloads of Minecraft mods, with a total of 6,058,711 Minecraft mods downloaded in 2015.

In the past, Minecraft mods have been grouped into different categories based on which types of mods they contain.

This has allowed mods to be grouped by their main function, such as enhancing or tweaking gameplay.

However, this new grouping allows Minecraft mods to also be grouped in to one of four different categories, depending on which type of mod they contain:In this new format, Minecraft is split into four main categories:Mods that enhance Minecraft gameplayMods that add new content to the gameMods that fix bugs or add features to MinecraftMods that are simply fun to playMods that provide custom functionality or customizationCommunity mods that are designed to be used by other playersCommunity mods are designed for non-Minecraft playersCommunity and custom mods have always been two of Minecraft’s most popular categories.

Mods that have helped improve the game in one way or another have been a mainstay of Minecraft since its release in 2009.

Since then, Minecraft has had numerous iterations, such like the one that made the game look more realistic and more attractive.

Over the years, many of Minecraft users have also turned to mods that enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Mods that bring the game closer to its original gameplay have also helped Minecraft grow and become one of the most downloaded games in the world.

Minecraft is also the subject of a large number of commercial Minecraft games, such the popular Minecraft: Story Mode series, as well as Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

If you want to see how Minecraft mods stack up to each other in terms of their popularity, you can check out our Minecraft 2015 Top Ten Mods guide, which lists the top 100 Minecraft mods by downloads.

Minecraft 2015 Top 10 Mods