What you need to know about Apple TV and the new Netflix app


Apple TV streaming app Netflix is launching a new video app on its iOS app store that will allow users to watch movies and TV shows on the device and record them to an iCloud account.

The app, called Streaming Apple TV, is a direct rip off of the Apple TV app, which launched earlier this year with a list of movies and shows that could be streamed to Apple TV devices.

It will allow people to search for content by keyword, such as movies or TV shows, then tap a star icon next to the title to see that specific title on the Apple Watch.

As of now, it’s limited to movies and television shows from the Apple library, though Apple is working on a list that includes all the TV shows that are currently available on Apple TV.

Stream the newest Apple TV movies and tv shows at a glance: The movie search function is limited to only the movies and a few shows that Apple released as part of the tvOS TV service, which debuted in late June.

Users can also search for a specific title with the Search icon in the top right corner, but that search will also give them a list with the name of the show.

If they want to watch the entire movie, users can simply tap on the title and it will load the movie in the Apple watch.

When a show is available for streaming on Apple’s Apple TV service in the future, users will be able to watch it directly on the tvos device, or by subscribing to Apple’s $40-per-month streaming service.

In addition to movies, Apple TV has some TV shows you can rent.

Some of the available shows include: “The Simpsons” “The Cleveland Show” “”Family Guy” A Very Simpsonsy Christmas”  “The Simpsons Christmas Special” The Simpsons Holiday Special “Futurama” “Family Guy: The Movie” “American Dad” Disney XD Family Guy A Tale of Two Cities” “”The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants”