How to hide IPs in the browser (Windows, Mac, Linux)


The internet is now littered with ad networks that use JavaScript to hide your IP address.

The latest trend is a tool called invertify, which lets you hide the IP address in the address bar.

Invertify lets you run a script that converts the IP in a website into a lowercase, lowercase letter.

Invertify can hide an IP address, but it won’t prevent it from being used on a website.

Here’s how to get started with invertifying your IP:1.

Install the invertifier tool from Github2.

Open the file in Chrome and go to Options3.

Click on the Show Hidden IPs option4.

Click Apply, and then OK.5.

When you are done, open the IP settings tab in your browser, and check the box that says Hidden IP.

You should see a little red box with the IP of the site you’re hiding in.

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