How Hillary Clinton can beat Trump in 2020


The Democratic Party is in uncharted territory this election season.

The Clinton campaign is facing a challenge in winning over the working-class white, non-college-educated women voters that the GOP traditionally has dominated.

The challenge is especially daunting for the Democratic nominee, who has relied heavily on white working- class voters, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.

“Democrats need to start thinking about where the problem is and how to address it,” said Tim Malloy, a former Democratic state chairman who served as Trump’s deputy campaign manager in 2020.

The party needs to look at the way that it has gone from being able to win with the white working class in the Rust Belt to being a minority party.

“It has to start by asking what are the things that are holding them back,” he said.

The Democrats must be more strategic in their messaging, which has included messaging aimed at the white, working- and middle-class voters, Malloy said.

Trump has spent years targeting the working class, calling them “uneducated, uneducated white men.”

The Republican nominee has made white working men a key focus of his campaign and in the Democratic race, and the message has been successful.

The Democratic candidate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has focused on a broader set of issues, including income inequality, income inequality and the lack of social mobility.

But the party has also been struggling to reach out to the more affluent and educated white voters who make up the heart of the Democratic coalition.

“We are at a crossroads.

It is not going to be a straightforward path,” Malloy told CNN.

While Clinton has struggled to capture the working man’s vote in the battleground states of Virginia and North Carolina, she has been able to capture it in Iowa and New Hampshire.

She has made gains among working women and older voters in both states, winning support among working-income and middle class voters in the former.

Clinton has also succeeded in tapping into a large and loyal white base of support that is not always easy to reach with a Republican message.

“Trump’s campaign has been designed to appeal to the middle class and working-poor.

That is the group that Hillary Clinton is going to need to win,” Mallot said.

A key issue in the 2018 midterm elections was the issue of immigration.

Republicans have repeatedly criticized Clinton’s record on immigration and the Democrats have said they will focus on the issue.

The GOP has focused heavily on Trump’s comments that illegal immigration is an “epidemic” and the Democrat has focused her message on a proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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