Facebook suspends advertising for anti-pornography platform


Facebook has removed advertising from an anti-censorship platform, saying it was “not an appropriate platform” to discuss the matter.

The move comes as a result of “reports of an unacceptable behaviour”, the social media giant said in a statement.

It also said that its “community guidelines prohibit harassment, abuse and incitement to violence”.

Facebook is the third-largest social network with over 1.5 billion monthly active users, with more than 70 per cent of those using its social network in the UK.

The platform has been a target of criticism for its decision to allow advertisers to sell products on its site.

In January, Facebook was hit by controversy after it allowed a prominent US conservative group to sell its products on the platform, prompting the online gaming company to suspend its advertising program for two weeks.

The company has since announced plans to make its platform “free of ads”.

In October, Facebook revealed it had begun using technology to make advertising more relevant to users.

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