Anonymous says it won’t cooperate with the FBI in its investigation into the #OpISIS hack


Ars Technic’s Matt Apuzzo reports that Anonymous is declining to cooperate with a federal investigation into its actions during the Anonymous OpISIS hack.

Apuzza wrote on Twitter that “The Anonymous group, whose name has been used to describe many large-scale hacking operations, has decided to keep its distance from any federal investigations into the hack and have decided to leave this investigation to the private sector.”

Anonymous declined to comment.

The group has previously been accused of hacking government agencies.

Last month, Anonymous shut down the social media accounts of the US State Department and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and announced it would stop participating in the Federal Election Commission’s election integrity program.

Anonymous said the hack was an attempt to “impede” US elections, and the group’s Twitter account was taken down after several hours.

Anonymous also shut down several social media sites that were used by its supporters to share links to documents that were released by Wikileaks.

Anonymous members have also attempted to influence public opinion in the United States.

Anonymous announced in February that it would “target the political system, as we saw during the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street protests.”

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