Why I’m so interested in VPNs, the ‘magic bullet’ to online security


It’s an internet-connected home that provides you with access to the internet and lets you control your home from anywhere, and now, a new service offers that capability for just a few dollars.

With an option to set up and manage your VPN with an iPad or Android tablet, OpenVPN is offering a $15 monthly fee for a feature that lets you access the internet anonymously.

It is the latest in a line of new VPN services that have sprung up in recent months, including a new company called CloudFlare.

OpenVPN has a growing customer base that includes governments, large corporations and tech companies like Apple and Facebook.

It has also become a favorite of the tech community.

In a blog post about its latest offering, Open VPN’s founder and CEO Chris Vickery described the service as the next best thing to a home VPN and a “magic bullet” to internet security.

Vickery, who started OpenVPN with an iPhone in 2009, said that a VPN offers a secure home connection with zero-knowledge encryption, a level of security that’s been a mainstay of online privacy for years.

It’s like having a password-protected, private, untraceable space, Vickery wrote.

The service is also incredibly easy to set-up.

Open VPN also includes a free trial of the service and a one-time $1.99 monthly subscription fee.

In addition to a VPN, users can choose to have their connection monitored or blocked by a third party.

With that option, the service will block access to websites that the user does not want to access, for example, a bank account.

The option to block access will also apply to the entire VPN network.

The company’s website says that all the features can be turned on and off at any time.

The free version of the VPN lets users set up an encryption key for themselves.

The $15 plan allows users to configure their VPN network and encrypt their data.

Users can also add other services, like a VPN server and a proxy server, to their VPN.

The basic subscription includes two levels of service: a one year free trial and the option to purchase additional services.

OpenVpn, which was founded by Vickery in 2013, says that it provides a “privacy-preserving, security-oriented solution for securing your online identity.”

The company says that OpenVPN’s new feature is “designed to help protect you against both a persistent online threat and the threat of a cyber attack,” and is a “low-cost, fast, and effective solution.”

This is good news for anyone looking to secure their online privacy.

Vickie said that the idea of protecting your online privacy comes from a “deep sense of history,” and that there’s a “need for a safe, secure place to store and protect your identity.”

OpenVPN says it has more than 100 million active users worldwide.

In the US, it has a subscriber base of over 10 million.

The feature is free and available in many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Open Vpn, like other VPN services, also offers support for the latest technologies.

The new feature, which comes with an optional password-protecting option, can be set to auto-lock on login to protect your privacy.

However, the company says the option “has not been used by anyone who needs it.”

The option also provides a simple and easy way to set your VPN up with a secure VPN server.

Openvpn is available to download from the company’s site and on the App Store for free.

The VPN service is currently available for the iPad and Android tablets, with a version for the iPhone and Windows 8.1 devices in the works.

The site states that “no matter your operating system, any device with an Internet connection can use OpenVPN to securely secure your online identities and private data.”

Open VPN’s CEO and founder said that Open VPN is about protecting your privacy, but it’s also about creating a safer, secure online world.

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