China-Pakistan border tensions escalate, military says


DHAKA, Bangladesh — The Indian army on Thursday said it has shot down an unmanned aircraft flying over a disputed area of the Chinese border in Jammu and Kashmir.

The incident comes after a Pakistani drone was shot down in the same area by Indian troops in July.

Indian military officials said the drone flew over the area near the border on Wednesday and crashed in a field in Pakistan’s Kashmir.

The drone was reported to be carrying a satellite payload.

It said it shot down the drone after it crashed near the area.

India has denied involvement in the drone incident, saying it was acting on information provided by Pakistani military.

It is not the first time the Indian armed forces have shot down unmanned aircraft over disputed territory.

In September, an Indian helicopter was shot at by Pakistan’s spy agency in the Himalayas and a Chinese drone was downed in the region by Indian forces.

China has been fighting an ongoing military conflict in the disputed Himalayan region for the past decade, with the two countries frequently at odds.

India is also involved in an armed conflict with Pakistan, which is battling militants in the border region.