Australian ISP openvpn warns of cyberattacks after new data breach


AUSTRALIA’S largest internet provider has warned of an ongoing cyberattack on its network, and said it was preparing for the possibility of further attacks.

The Internet Access Network Company (IANC) said it had detected the new malicious code and is working to restore the internet service and restore customer data.

“We have a significant threat in our network and are working to recover as much data as possible,” IANC chief executive officer Peter Moore said in a statement on Friday.

“Our network remains secure, and we are preparing for a potential disruption in network operations as a result of the malicious activity.”

He said the IANP had already removed all of the affected sites from its internet, but that the remaining sites had been added to the blacklist.

“There are currently two sites with a history of malicious activity in the network that we are working with ISPs to remove and we will remove them as quickly as possible if we can,” Mr Moore said.”IANP has taken steps to ensure all sites that were targeted were removed as quickly and effectively as possible.”IANCP had said on Friday it had removed all affected sites and warned people not to use the internet.

The IANCP said the malware could be traced back to a previously reported attack in late July, which had affected all of its customers.

“It appears the malicious code was first discovered in July of this year and was subsequently used by a different entity to cause damage to the IAC’s network,” Mr O’Connor said.

He said IANCs network was now secure and the IANA had not received any malware from the new attack.

“The IANA will work with the ISPs to address the malicious activities in our networks,” he said.

The new attack came after a large-scale data breach was reported in September, with tens of thousands of users of IANc’s internet service being hit.

“In light of the ongoing cyber threat, the IASC has commenced an extensive investigation of the impact of the recent cyber breach,” Mr Parnell said in the statement.

“At this time, we are in a position to confirm the nature of the breach and are in the process of assessing the threat it poses to the security of the network.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also launched an investigation into the incident, which may lead to the termination of IANNCs internet services.

“The investigation into this breach is ongoing and we expect to receive a response by the end of the week,” Mr McGowan said in an email.

“This will give us the opportunity to conduct further research into the matter.”‘

Very concerning’The ACCC has contacted IANs corporate office to assess the severity of the threat and the response.

“Based on the information we have received, the company is undertaking a thorough and robust investigation into its network security and will provide the ACCC with any information necessary,” the ACCCs statement said.

Mr McGowan told the ABC that he was “very concerned” by the threat.

“People are going to have to make sure they’re using the internet at all times,” he told the program.

“If they’re not, they’ll have a very difficult time accessing their bank accounts, they might not be able to access their home or business, or if they’re able to do that, it could impact their credit, they may not be getting online.”

That’s going to be very concerning for a lot of people.

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