Apple announces the iPhone 7 Plus launch date and pricing


Apple today announced the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 models, which will be available to purchase starting on February 1st.

Apple also announced that its iPad Mini and iPad mini 2 will launch in January, and the iPad mini 3 is set to debut on March 25th.

Apple is also rolling out a new iOS app called iMovie Pro for Apple TV 4K that lets users create and share high-quality, high-resolution video, and it will soon support Apple Pay.

The app lets users pay for apps, books, movies, and music using their Apple Pay account.

Apple Pay is currently available on its iTunes store for $9.99 per transaction, and Apple says the new Apple TV is going to launch on February 3rd, and will be sold in the US for $100 per month.

Apple’s $100/month Apple TV will be the first Apple TV to launch with Apple Pay, and users can sign up for Apple Pay via iTunes.

Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 will be hitting stores on February 9th, and they will be priced at $99 and $99 respectively.

They will feature a 13-inch OLED display, a 1.6GHz quad-core Apple A10X processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 10MP rear camera.

Apple says its iPad Air 4 will be out on March 11th, with a 64GB model for $499.

The 32GB model will be $549.

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