Antivirus companies warn of new ‘super virus’ threat


In an interview with Maclean’s, a Google spokesman, Matt Rogers, said the company was aware of the issue and would “work to address it as quickly as possible.”

Rogers said the issue was being investigated and it is currently not being investigated as a threat to users.

The company was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.

The Google statement comes as companies are scrambling to address a new threat.

The FBI on Thursday issued a bulletin saying it was concerned about the proliferation of malware on devices running Android and said it had received reports of malware appearing on the phones of some victims.

The bulletin also warned of new malware that has emerged in recent weeks, including a new variant of the “Windows 10” operating system that targets phones running the “Safari 6.”

The FBI did not elaborate on its findings.

On Friday, Samsung said it was investigating a report that an infected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone had been used in a “mass cyberattack” that included the theft of personal information.

The Samsung statement said the incident was “not related to any specific device” and “has nothing to do with the Note 7.”

Samsung said the device is “currently under review for further examination.”

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