‘The Biggest Scandal in History’ – CNN’s Anderson Cooper covers the biggest scandal in history… and the president says he won’t go to jail…


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Monday reported that the president will not be arrested on corruption charges that he is facing after he is accused of obstructing justice and of lying to investigators.

Cooper, who was joined by several other CNN reporters in a live interview, said the president, who has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, has denied the allegations.

“I am 100 percent confident he will not face charges, that he will be cleared, that the allegations will not stand, and that his presidency will go forward,” Cooper said.

“If he is not, then the presidency is over, because this is a great country, and this is America.

I think it’s a very sad day for the nation when the president does not have the confidence in his own administration to have the full faith and credit of the people of this country.”

The president’s attorney, Mark Corallo, told CNN the president has no intention of pleading guilty to any charges.

“The president has a right to remain silent, and he has the right to not be charged,” Corallo said.

“And, as a matter of fact, the president doesn’t plan to do so.

He is going to plead guilty.”

The former president, a Democrat, was charged in December with obstructing the investigation into whether his son, former President Bill Clinton, mishandled classified information, but his attorneys argued his guilty plea was legally necessary.

The president and his lawyers also said they will fight the charges, arguing the investigation has been tainted by partisanship.CNN has also reported that President Trump was caught on tape making racist and sexist comments about black people and women.

In the audio, Trump said the term “n—–s” was derogatory and said the word “s–t” was a “f–king dirty word.”

He also made disparaging comments about women’s looks, said they should have abortions and told actress Rosie O’Donnell, “You’re such a slut.”

“The worst thing I ever heard was ‘n–r,’ ‘n—-r,’ and ‘c–t,'” Trump said in the audio.

“They are all very nasty words.”

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