How to make your internet faster with a new router


The internet is about to become even more congested, and it could affect the way you spend your time online.

In a study conducted by Google and conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, nearly two-thirds of all users who tried to browse the web over the past six months experienced delays of at least two minutes while on the internet.

The study found that the average time to load a webpage was 10 seconds.

For those who have a slow internet connection, it’s a huge deal.

“If your speed drops, you could spend time in a dark room, and you could potentially lose important information,” said Eric Jepsen, a senior software engineer at Google who co-authored the study.

So how can you speed up your internet speed?

Here are some tips to get your online experience up to snuff: 1.

Use the latest version of the browser.

If you can’t use Chrome or Edge, or you can use a browser with a newer version, you’re good to go.

Google recommends updating to the latest Chrome or Firefox versions as soon as possible.


Try using the new Firefox browser with Chrome installed.

This is a much faster, more stable browser than older versions.


Upgrade to a faster internet connection.

A study conducted at Johns Jacobs University found that if you have a faster connection, you’ll spend less time on the web and more time on games and watching videos.


Watch more videos.

Watching videos can help keep your internet connection fast.


Check your internet router.

If your internet service provider doesn’t have an update to your current router, you may need to buy one.


Switch to a VPN.

A VPN is a service that lets you anonymize your internet traffic and protect it from prying eyes.


Switch your device to an IPv6 network.

IPv6 is an internet protocol that allows computers to share data more securely and is often used to connect devices to one another.


Switch all your devices to IPv6.

You’ll be able to connect more devices, and be able stream more videos, games and music, which could help reduce your internet usage.


Try VPN services.

If there are other alternatives to the popular VPNs like TunnelBear or BitTorrent, you can try them.


Try a VPN service that offers more privacy.

You can find some free VPN services that provide an even more secure connection than Tor.


Find a way to reduce your overall internet usage by using a VPN and other methods.

VPNs are great for your privacy and are used by people who don’t want to have their internet usage recorded.

But they can be slow or slow, and sometimes they may not be very secure.


Learn how to use a VPN for your internet needs.

Here are some resources to help you get started: