‘Cara’ fans can now see the show on RTE News – The Irish Times


RTE’s ‘Cars’ has finally arrived on digital TV and it’s time to see if the show’s popularity can be harnessed to create an online TV channel.

Cara has been shown on RTV’s online platform on the following platforms:The first season of the series will be available on RITV2, RTV2, Channel 6 and RTE iPlayer later this year.

A new RTE channel, Cara, will be created for the show which will be the first to bring the show to Irish audiences via the RTE App.

The RTE app will also provide a full RTE stream of the show as well as the show.

Online TV providers are now allowed to run on RTR, RTEiPlayer and RTV3 platforms.

The RTEtv app will be able to run in the same way as other platforms.

The launch of RTV is part of the latest push to build on the show by the broadcaster to boost its online reach.

Cars has been a hit with Irish fans since its debut on RTC in 2014.

Since then, the show has been streamed over 100 million times on the RTV app.RTEi Player, which is a streaming service that is exclusive to the Irish market, will allow fans to watch the show online and access the RTR app.

RTEiiPlayer will launch on November 1.